Al-Qaeda’s Second Home in Pakistan

“Al-Qaeda becoming a growing challenge for US” ———-
Are US ready to finish Al-Qaeda’s Second Home in Pakistan?

Washington: In the backdrop of reports that Al Qaeda has established a strong base in Yemen to target America, the US has termed the terrorist organisation as a “growing challenge” for it.
Without going into specifics of reports related to Yemen, the State Department spokesperson, Robert Wood told reporters in response to a question that the US is working with partners across the globe to eliminate the threat of Al Qaeda.
It’s not easy. This is a growing challenge for the United States,” Wood said and referred to the recent statement of President Barack Obama in which he had said that “this is something that the US has to meet, there is no alternative but to meet this challenge”.
“We need to work closely with our partners and others around the world to try to do what we can to eliminate the threat,” Wood said.
He said there are concerns about Al-Qaeda activity in a number of places around the world, not just Yemen.
“Let me just say that al-Qaeda remains a concern for us in a number of places around the world. It’s still active. It still remains a threat to the US and its allies. And we’ll continue to pursue al-Qaeda,” he said, adding that Al-Qaeda is operating in a number of places around the world.
The Afgan Territory is the main land of Talibani and the Al-Qaeda Terrorism. But the soil of Pakistan has always been used by Al-Qaeda outfits for their Pan-Islamic and Jehadi activities. They are not only challenging the US, ISRAEL or INDIA through 9/11 or 26/11 terrors the have challenged the whole humanity in the name of Islamic Jehad and Pan Islamic Brutal ideas. Without finishing these second home of al-Qaeda in Pakistan, it is impossible to solve the problem of such fanatic Terrorist Jehadi groups.
It is the just time to be united against these barbaric activities of Al-Qaeda, Jamat-ud-adwa, Jaiesh-e-Mohammed, Harkat-ul-Mujahidin or Indian Mujahidin.
Input Courtesy: The Indian Express,06/02/2009.

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