Who created the Pakistani Hell Of High Terror ?

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Blast kills at least 25 in Pakistan
Xinhua | Islamabad

At least 25 people were killed and around 30 others injured on Thursday in a bomb blast in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab Province, local TV reports said.

The blast occurred during a procession taken out to mark the Hazrat Imam Hussain martyrdom anniversary in Wadani area in Dera Ghazi Khan City of the province. Witnesses said they saw bodies and scores of others injured lying on the road shortly after the blast.

The bomb exploded outside the Wadani Imam Bargha mosque located near a bus station in the city centre. The Markazai Shia Council said it had informed the local police about a possible terrorist attack, and complained that no action was taken to beef up the security in the area.

alertpak saw …Another suicidal bomb attack caused at least 25 casualties in Dera Ghazi Khan City along with many injuries of another victims over 50. It is reported that the fanatic Sunnis attacked the Shiahs on their prayer Session. They are all Muslims fighting each other. No Hindu or Christian ‘Kaffirs’ should be blamed upon for these. The history of the middle east in recent times only tells us the story of in-fighting of different sects of muslims and between different Islamic States. Sorry! Hindus or other non muslims are not responsible for that. The Islam destroys the peace process of this Universe. The ISI has planned to promote the Jehadi activities through the serial blasts everywhere and 26/11 like terror in India. But are they safe in their own land P-A-K-I-S-T-A-N ? It is supposed that more than 60 blasts paralysed their normal life tolling 3000 lives including their PM Benajir Bhutto in the last five years. They saw the plight of Hotel Marriot and other places, but took no lesson from that. Such state sponsored Terrorist activities and brutal pan Islamic activities should be abandoned immediately.
Courtesy: The Pioneer, 06/02/2009

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