3/3 Lahore : Pak Epicenter of Global Terrorism


Again The Pak Epicenter of Global Terrorism

by M. Rahaman.

9/11 >…… . . . 26/11>………3/3 All in the name Of Allah, The Merciful.
It is not an attack upon One International Trade Centre at New York.
Not upon A Financial Capital of a Country , Mumbai.
Nor a heinous attack upon the Sri Lankan Cricketers at Lahore.
It is their Devastation Policy to Kill all Kaffirs according to Quranic dictum to quench their thirst for fresh blood. They shouted Allah-ho-Akbar ! Allah-ho-Akbar!! ……..
We find the connection very clearly. They are Talibani. They are Pakistani. Obviously Muslims.
Every where they didn’t forget to utter or murmur the Holy name of Allah before these Jihadi activities like blasting , bulleting , butchering , beheading , bereaving the beasts named Kaffir.
There is no other easiest & straight way for these Jihadis for achieving the goal of Behast,
the Islamic Paradise………………..
Blasting..Bulleting…Butchering….Beheading…..Bereaving >> Behast…
Jannatul Firdaush !!! The Supreme Paradise as per Islamic Concept. ……………..
This calculation relating to the Upsurge of Pak based Terrorism named properly as Jihad is now fixed by them as a most dangerous threat looming upon the peace loving Civil Society, we live in every where.
These extra-religious Jihadis are now also habituated to wash their hands with the blood of the muslim brethren too with the same of the non-muslims. It is also in the name of Holy War. Who may come as the obstacles before the Goal of Pan Islamism , finish them. Finish them. And Finish them.
The Gallant Police Constabulary of Punjab Province of Pakistan were trying to save the endangered life of attacked Sri Lankan Cricketers as per their duty responsibilities. But these Police contingents stood against those Jihadis and were punished properly . At least 5 Police Personnel were killed with 2 civilians in front of Gadaffi Stadium at Lahore by the Ultra Jihadis fully equipped with Kalashnikov , hand grenades , rocket launchers , human bomb jackets , rounds of bullets , explosives and even sharp knife to cut throats of the kaffirs.
I don’t know the decision of the Great Merciful whether these dutiful Police Officers would be rewarded for their dutifulness till their last breathe or cast in the hell named Dojakh for fighting against the Dear Jihadis aiming to the establishment of State of Allah Pak all over the Word.
Thanks God ! The All Six Injured Sri Lankan Cricketers are Out Of Dagger. ( plz read : Out of Danger ). Had they been captive of the Jihadis by the 3/3 equation , surely they will be beheaded or shoot out at point blank range. The Jihadis are Trigger Happy. They are Dagger Happy.
Mr. Salman Tasi, the Governor of Panjub Province directly connected the 3/3 Lahore Black Day with 26/11 Mumbai Mayhem. He condemned it vehemently.
But Mr. Hamid Gul, Former Chief of ISI finds a critical hand of RAW and India in this deadliest activities of Lahore and declared that the Jihadis came from eastern border.
Fine ! Very Fine !! If we are still in reluctance to understand what is what, one day soon this epicenter of Pak Terrorism will be the Epicenter of Destruction Of Q.A.Jinnah’s PAKISTAN.
The Lahore Tea Stalls now gossip the way.. How the 3/3 Terrorists
fled away… Rather allowed to escape ! Well done !! Pak Police !!!!!

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One Response to “3/3 Lahore : Pak Epicenter of Global Terrorism”

  1. mijan Says:

    Cricket,Music, Literature, Women Liberation, Free Thinking…. all are the targets of the Muslim Fundamentalists in Pakistan and almost everywhere in Islamic World. And we are full of appetite with Jai Ho !!!
    The Pakistan based Talibani Attack upon Sri Lankan Cricket or Destruction of a Sufi Shrine Of Baba Rehaman in Peshawar, in the last week for allowing devout muslim women in it or Butchering one Hindu Youth in Sindhu Province or Eviction of 35 Hindus from NWFP or Continuous Torture upon Kadianis in Pakistan are nothing contrary to the spirit of Islam. This is the Art of Living per Islam & most of the muslims are proud of it !!!
    Playing Cricket or Offering one’s emotion through music in Sufism or Cosidering Allah-God-Bhagavan-Buddha-AhurMazda All One….is not permissible in Islam. Open participations in religious activities by other sects in 57 Islamic Countries are also intolerable in Islam. This is the view of the religion of fanatics in the name of pure Islam. I don’t believe it. You don’t also.
    Should we approve it ?
    Cricket is considered as a ‘game of peace’. Whoever wants to bold out cricket in the name of Fanatic Islam , let us join hand to hit a sixer to out them over the boundaries.
    To make Team of Peace against the so called Peace of Religion >>> Islam >>> 0r a big stack of Dead Bodies ,,, Pl vist my blog at www(dot)islamicterrorism(dot)wordpress(dot)com regularly.

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