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The Dead Hand of Islam (Pakistan)

March 28, 2009

The seed of destruction of Islam is latent in Islam itself.


Mijanur Rahaman

Who is responsible for the ghastly blast in a Mosque in Jumrad, Pakistan on 27th March ’09 that tolled more than 80 lives and critically injured over 150 Muslims. The unfortunate Muslims assembled in that mosque to pay the Jumma Namaz, Friday prayer, a most important weekly rituals of muslims as considered. That massacre is not done by any Hindu Zionist or Indian Military or US or the Christian or Jews.

Each and every genocide in the present world concerned the Kashmiri Hindus or the Bangladeshi Hindu Minorities or any non-muslim minorities any where in this world is caused by the Islamic Fundamentalist cum Terrorists or they are the seed cause. The fatal plight over the innocent Palestine Muslims by Israel is nothing but the reaction against the conspiracy of Muslim world to finish Israel.

We can blame the Jews or the Christians or the Hindus or the Buddhists for everything to blame them and to praise us dogmatically.

But in comparison they are much better than us in every respect of philanthropisity, humanity and practicability.

Islam is now termed as the Dead Hand of Islam.

Those who have committed such a sin as to kill men at prayer, are nothing but the incarnation of Iblish, the Satan.

The muslims consider the Jumma Namaz, i.e. Friday Prayer is most important and the greatest. But these Islamofascists are free to do any impermissible in the name of Islam. We should start to hate such Islam for ever. Denounce this murderous Islam to save the humanity.

They are the enemy of mankind. They are the beasts. They claim that Islam is religion of peace; they have turned this religion as a manifesto of terrorism. Down with these zealots.

Pakistani-Talibani-Deobandi-Saytani Murdabad.

These Islamic fanatics are most active in this subcontinent through the support of their Mosques, Madrashas and the school of Deobandis.

In Bangladesh the recent coup in Bangladesh Rifles, or the black Friday blast in Pakistan or the Mumbai attack in 26/11, all are caused by this pro-active fanatical school of Pan Islamists. They are the most dangerous threat to the humanity.

But, the seed of destruction of Islam is latent in Islam itself.

This Pakistani-Talibani-Deobandi-Saytani nexus against any reform in Islam should be exposed and we have to fight all out against this Mullah-tantra (Islamic network) at any cost.

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