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Pakistan Heading for What ? Zardari signs with Devils. Is Shariat coming to reign in Pakistan ?

April 15, 2009

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Swat pressure || The Terrorist of Swat will be the law maker of Pakistan || Only Brutality in the name of Islam will reign Pakistan

Islamabad, April 13 (AP): Pakistani lawmakers passed a resolution today urging the President to sign a regulation that imposes Islamic rule in a northwestern valley in exchange for peace with the Taliban.

Hours after a Taliban spokesman said lawmakers would be considered to have abandoned Islam if they opposed the Islamic law deal, the National Assembly unanimously approved the resolution aimed at President Asif Ali Zardari. However, one party boycotted the resolution.

The provincial government in northwestern Pakistan agreed in February to impose Islamic law in the Swat Valley and surrounding areas in exchange for a ceasefire with the Taliban. Western and Pakistani critics say the agreement represents a dangerous surrender to extremists behind a campaign of terrorism in the Swat Valley and more broadly across the border region with Afghanistan. Amid the criticism, Zardari has delayed signing the agreement.

His stance has long been that he won’t sign until peace is achieved in the area — but he has not defined what that means. The delay led a hardline cleric mediating the agreement to leave Swat in anger last week while also upsetting lawmakers from the region. Over the weekend, the federal government said Zardari wanted opinions from National Assembly MPs first. “The whole nation is united in its support of the Swat regulation and wants the president to approve it,” Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said at the start of a floor debate on the pact today. n The Telegraph, Calcutta|14 April,2009


Agreement of Pakistan with Devils. Zardari don’t indulge into Communal and Terroist Forces.

Pakistan has made an agreement with Taliban’s who are responsible for spreading of violence & terrorist activities, desolated the truth not only in Afghanistan but allover the world. This is a very shocking news and in all respect dangerous to whole world. President Zardari is completely unable to hold back the Talibans who are showing their frightfully face not only from Peshawar, Islamabad up to Lahore. after declaring his inability to hold back the Talibans within 48 hours, His government has sign an agreement with army of Talibans in Swat Valley. After giving permission for implementation of Islamic law ( shariyat) in swat Valley he has tried to to ensure the piece in Pakistan. From this legitimacy which Taliban’s are getting is very dangerous. American Ambassador Richard Housebroke stated that this agreement has created danger equally to India, Pakistan and America. They should collectively fight against this danger and there is a possibilities that America may asked for participation of India in a war which America is fighting against Taliban in Afghanistan. But before that we should consider, about who were responsible for flourishing of Taliban. To appose soviet supremacy in Afghanistan, America which had a blind hatred against Soviet Union, had supplied the Weapons and finance to the Taliban’s power. keeping the dangerous chemical of religion and politics boiling, it had lead to increase in devils power which has now arose against it. America has repose on Pakistan & given aid and Weapons to Pakistan for fighting against Talibans.

But Just like soviet hatred had blinded the America, the same way Pakistan had a cover of Indian hatred on its eyes, and had used all the financial aid coming from Pakistan in increasing its own power and in performing the activities against India. India which had tolerated terrorist activity from Kashmir to Mumbai, is being alerted by Hole Brooke about equal dangers. Taliban do not want difference between politics and religion. They insist that whole world’s mankind kind should adapt Islamic life style. That is why they have insisted for implementation of Islamic law. Because of that they are trying to bring black age in Swat valley which is only 80 miles north west of Islamabad. Women and common peoples are being harassed there in swat valley. Many schools of girls have been closed down by giving threats or have been blown off by exploding the bombs. A Veil is compulsory for women in the region. Spread of this current ,move is not only a challenge before elected Pakistan government but also before all civilized society. Because of that, fight against this should be with collective force. Progress or development in science has shown the light of independence to the mankind. But the forces with weapons in hand, are rising up to pull back the human race in middle age. To remove or replace this Talibani behavior excavated by cancer disease, only the Pakistan is not useful, but Global community will have to accept this challenge.

It has now become essential problem before human beings to think over the issues such as why apposition to increasing American supremacy leads in increasing the growth of blind religious belief, and why present Ideology which frees the human race from fastening of bond of popular doctrine( practice of caste, creed, and religion) is being seen as orphan. Basically one should go to the route cause of agreement made by Pakistan with devils. If such type of agreement had been made , then that means that Pakistan army would also have been surrendered before the Taliban devils. If truly such Happened, or Pakistan is playing a new game that is also to be find out.

‘Terror Kingpin’ and ‘Godfather’ Dawood supporting al-Qaeda from Pakistan

April 15, 2009

‘Godfather’ Dawood supporting al-Qaeda: US lawmaker

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Identifying Dawood Ibrahim as the “godfather” of India’s organised crime, an influential US lawmaker has said the underworld don’s D-company, which also supports al-Qaeda, is heavily involved in Bollywood and linked to piracy in a big way.

“If you think about it, the godfather of godfathers, as he’s called, of Indian organised crime, Dawood Ibrahim, is linked to piracy in a big way,” Congressman Ed Royce said during a field hearing on piracy organised by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in Los Angles.

“Frankly he is a big supporter of al-Qaeda, and in the past, also the LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba),” Royce said and held him responsible for the series of Mumbai blasts in 1993. The Republican lawmaker said at the hearing last week that “D-Company is the operation” run by Dawood now.

“It’s (D-Company) now integrated into every part of the Indian filmmaking industry, from distribution to loan-sharking, and I guess a special irony here, for those of you who saw ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is the fact that a lot was made of organised crime there and the way in which corruption has that insidious effect,” he said.

“Think, for a minute: the very people portrayed, the very organised crime syndicate, are involved today in pirating and undermining Bollywood, and undermining Hollywood,” he said during the hearing, according to a transcript made available to PTI.

“If they weren’t tied to terrorists that were engaged in this kind of activity we’d have enough to worry about; but this should really focus our attention, I’m afraid. The high profit margins in this kind of crime make it little wonder why gangsters and terrorists have turned to piracy,” Royce said.

In his opening remarks, Congressman Howard Berman, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said India needs to seriously address the issue of Intellectual Property Rights protection and prevent piracy of movies, which is resulting in huge loss to the entertainment industry both in Hollywood and Bollywood.

“Its own homegrown entertainment industry, Bollywood, is subject to many of the same concerns that plague Hollywood. We need to do better at protecting Bollywood films when pirated copies are sold in mom and pop shops here in the US,” the Democrat said.

“As evident with the crossover success and number of pirated copies of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ viewed in India, India needs to enforce adequate protections for multinational innovation as well,” he said.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is the prime suspect in various blasts in Mumbai and a Kingpin of different Terrorist activities in India and Abroad. Interpole has issued red corner alert for this internation criminal earlier and Dawood is in the top of most wanted list by India from Pakistan.

Input : Indian Express||Posted: Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009 at 1213 hrs IST