Talibans plan to murder Gilani


Gilani faces death threats from Pak terror groups

Posted: Thursday , Apr 23, 2009 at 1100 hrs IST || Agencies|| Indian Express

Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani faced a serious threat from three terror groups that could target him in suicide bombings in the federal capital, in Lahore or in his hometown of Multan, intelligence agencies have warned.

A report sent by the intelligence agencies to the government, including the Interior Ministry, was quoted by The News daily as saying that the premier could be targeted in a suicide bombing or a guerrilla attack similar to the one on the visiting Sri Lankan cricket team on March 3 in Lahore.

“Tribal area-based terrorists are planning to target Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani through a combination of explosion and a suicide attack, or guerrilla attack similar to the (ones on the) Sri Lankan cricket team and the Manawan police training centre,” the report said.
“Three teams of terrorists are reported to be working simultaneously at Islamabad, Lahore and Multan,” it added.

Meanwhile, the federal government has called in troops of the Northern Area Scouts, a paramilitary force under the army’s command, to aid the civil administration in countering terrorist threats to Islamabad.
The troops will protect important personalities and sensitive installations of the capital, sources said. “At least, 20 companies of the NAS are required to tackle any possible untoward situation,” a source was quoted as saying. The NAS will be deployed at sensitive installations and included in the motorcade of important personalities.

SSP (Security Division) Zubair Hashmi said: “A proposal to summon the NAS has been sent to the concerned authorities Police in Islamabad are hunting for an explosive-laden ambulance and a car bearing ‘Press’ stickers following reports from an intelligence agency that they could be used in terrorist attacks, sources said.

However, the search could also be part of a mock exercise, they added.

alertpak says : The history of Pakistan is made from conspiracy, murder and betrayal. The failure of Allaha himself registered the assassinations of Bhuttos and other Pak Primes. Now we can pray his success to save Gilani and Pakistan itself. Pakistan Zindabad.

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