Friday prayers in Nowshera Mosque hit by blast Blast in DI Khan, Pakistan

Friday prayers in Nowshera hit by blast
By the Correspondent, The Dawn Pk.
Saturday 13 Jun, 2009 | 07:09 AM PST |
NOWSHERA, June 12: Four people ( At least 11 people : alertpak source) were killed and over a 100 hundred injured when a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden vehicle into the wall of a military-run mosque in Nowshera during Friday prayers.

The explosion smashed windowpanes of several nearby houses and gouged cracks in walls and floors.

Several children and women were injured. The army and police carried out rescue work.

Law enforcement personnel cordoned off the area and started search operation.

Bodies and injured people were retrieved from the rubble hours after the explosion.

A worshipper told Dawn the explosion took place at the moment when the Pesh Imam was reciting last Rakat of the prayer.

The deceased were identified as sepoy Abdul Hameed of Multan, Jawad, Ahmed Gul and contractor Allauddin.

The injured were taken to the Cantonment Hospital, DHQ Hospital and Peshawar CMH.

A doctor at the DHQ hospital said 90 injured, 15 of them critical, were brought to the hospital.

Body parts, including the head and legs of the suicide bomber, recovered from the site of the blast and were sent for DNA test. Witnesses said blood stains and body parts were scattered all over the floor.

Several vehicles parked in front of the mosque were also damaged.

Taliban claim responsibility for Lahore, Nowshera, PC attacksTaliban claim responsibility for Lahore, Nowshera, PC attacks
By Our Correspondent
Saturday, 13 Jun, 2009 | 07:09 AM PST |
WANA, June 12: The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility for Friday’s suicide attacks in Lahore and Nowshera and the bombing of Pearl Continental hotel in Peshawar on Thursday.

9ine killed, 36 injured in DI Khan market blast

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* Remote-controlled bomb detonated in bazaar during rush hour
* DCO says one suspect arrested from site of explosion
Staff Report

PESHAWAR: At least nine people were killed and 36 injured in a remote-controlled bombing in the Dera Ismail Khan district on Sunday, police and locals have said.A police official told Daily Times by telephone that a remote-controlled bomb had been planted in a cart in the Tijarat Gunj area. He said it detonated at around 12:15pm, adding most of the deceased were civilians. “The bomb was planted in a cycle-rickshaw and it was rush hour in the bazaar at the time of the blast,” Syed Mohsin Shah, the district commissioner officer (DCO) of DI Khan, told AFP.

Government official Inayatullah said five to six kilogrammes of explosives were planted in a fruit vendor’s pushcart. Police official Muhammad Iqbal put the death toll at eight, with 20 wounded, the Associated Press reported. He claimed the attack had to be in response to the Swat operation.

At a hospital where some of the wounded were taken, wails and cries filled the air. “It was crowded there when something big exploded,” said 30-year-old Ilyas Ahmad, whose legs were wounded. “It was a big noise. Everybody was crying. Bodies were lying there. People were lying around in blood.”

One suspect: A total of seven shops were destroyed as a result of the blast. A police official confirmed that two of the deceased were Afghans. The DCO told APP that one suspect had been arrested from the site of the explosion.

Meanwhile, sources told Daily Times the blast occurred in the Landa Bazaar area. They said a local had seen a man parking the pushcart and had tried to stop him but the bomb had exploded, killing both of them.

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani condemned the blast, and have ordered an inquiry into the incident.

“We claim responsibility for these attacks,” a man identifying himself as Saeed Hafiz and claiming to be deputy of Hakeemullah Mehsud based in Orakzai tribal region told Dawn on telephone.

He said the TTP would soon release the video of the PC attack.

He said the suicide attacks on the Lahore seminary and Nowshera mosque were to avenge Thursday’s bombing in Hangu and military operations in Swat, Bannu and South Waziristan

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