USA’s Double Faced Strategy to Strong Pak Terrorism to Weaken India.

Pakistan must end use of terror as state policy: Monmohan Singhmon

IANS 26 September 2009, 04:07pm IST


 PITTSBURGH: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said Pakistan must give up the use of terrorism as a “state policy” and bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to book, as it will encourage India to “walk an extra mile” to improve ties with the neighbour.

Addressing a press conference here at the conclusion of the G20 Summit, the prime minister said enough evidence had been given to Pakistan regarding the involvement of its nationals in the Mumbai terror attacks Nov 26 last year.

“We sincerely hope they (Islamabad) would very firmly carry out the due process of investigation and bring the culprits to book. If that is carried out, we will move an extra mile to normalise our relations,” he said.

“The only obstacle is Pakistan must give up its old attitude of using terror as an instrument of state policy,” he said, adding Islamabad had also accepted that those behind the Mumbai attacks were Pakistani nationals.

Manmohan Singh said there was no change in India’s stand on Pakistan since the Sharm-el-Sheikh talks with his counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani, a position he has made clear in the Indian parliament.

“If you read my statements in parliament, I have explained the government’s position and I think there is no change on this,” he said when asked how he looked forward to moving ahead with relations with Pakistan.

India and Pakistan are neighbours and they have an obligation to move as neighbours, he said.

The prime minister’s comments come ahead of a meeting in New York between External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna and his Pakistani counterpart with India expected to focus on Islamabad’s action against terror emanating from Pakistani soil.

Manmohan Singh said he did get an opportunity to speak with his host and US President Barack Obama during the G20 Summit, not in the form of a separate bilateral but in the form of exchanges while seated next to each other.

He said India has already brought to the notice of the US government that the aid being given to Pakistan to fight terrorism was being used to build military assets that could be used only against India.

“Even earlier when sophisticated weaponry was being made available by the United States to Pakistan, we have told the only country against whom these weapons can be used is India.”

India protests as US Senate votes to triple aid to Pakistan.

pmuThe aid provided to Pakistan by the US has been used for directing its hostile operations against India : Parvez Musharaff

PTI 25 September 2009, 01:25pm IST

Source :

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK: The US Senate on Thursday voted unanimously to triple non-military aid to Pakistan to $1.5 billion per annum till 2014, triggering fresh concerns for India, which warned that such funds have been diverted to support hostile operations against states and needs to be monitored. ( Watch Video )

The announcement to the tripling of annual aid from $50 million to $1.5 billion was made by President Barack Obama during his address to a meeting of the ‘Friends of Democratic Pakistan’ at the UN headquarters in New York, attended by a grouping of 26 countries and international organisations.

Obama’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, called the unanimous vote on Kerry-Luger Bill “a very important step forward” for US-Pakistan ties.

“For the first time in modern era the US congress has made a multi-year commitment to Pakistan,” he said.

The Senate’s unanimous approval set the stage for action in the House of Representatives, where the measure was introduced hours later for a final vote. It will then be sent to Obama to sign it into law.

Reacting to the Senate’s passage of the bill, foreign minister S M Krishna said in New York that India was concerned about it as Islamabad had in the past diverted American aid to bolster its defences against India.

“Consider the statement that has been issued by the former president of Pakistan Musharraf himself where he has said that the aid provided to Pakistan by the US has been used for directing its hostile operations against India,” Krishna, who is participating in the opening session of United Nation General Assembly, said.

“It is that statement of President Musharraf that really bothers us,” he said, ahead of his meeting with his counterpart Hillary Clinton.

“With respect to the aid that was given to Pakistan we have brought the attention of the government of the United States that India’s concern is only that aid has to be appropriated for the purpose for which it is provided by the United States,” Krishna said, urging the US to monitor the use of the aid by Pakistan.

In its early drafts, the bill had a condition that Pakistan would not be a base for terrorist attacks against India, but now it has been replaced with a clause on cooperation with Pakistan’s neighbours on war against terror.

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