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Death toll reaches 100 mark in Peshawar Car Bomb Blast.

October 28, 2009


Car bomb blast kills 86 in Peshawar

Wednesday, 28 Oct, 2009

PESHAWAR: A car bomb tore through a packed market in Peshawar on Wednesday, killing 86 people and trapping casualties under pulverised shops, in one of Pakistan’s deadliest attacks.1

The explosion detonated in a crowded street in the Meena Bazaar of Peshawar, one of the most congested parts of the volatile northwest city, sparking a huge blaze and ending in carnage routine shopping trips for scores of people.

The attack underscored the scale of the militant threat in Pakistan just hours after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Islamabad for three days of talks with political and military leaders.

‘There was a huge blast. There was smoke and dust everywhere. I saw people dying and screaming on the road,’ witness Mohammad Siddique told AFP.

2Angry flames leapt out of burning wreckage and smoke billowed in the air as a building collapsed into dust and rubble. Police evacuated panicked residents from the smouldering wreckage and firemen hosed down the flames.

‘It was a car bomb. Some people are still trapped in a building. We are trying to rescue them,’ bomb disposal official Shafqat Malik told reporters.

‘We have received 86 dead bodies, 213 people were injured, we are facing a shortage of blood,’ Doctor Hamid Afridi, head of the Peshawar’s main Lady Reading Hospital told AFP as staff declared an emergency.

A hospital official outside the casualty wing made a public announcement, appealing on people to donate blood as doctors spoke of harrowing scenes.3

‘There are body parts. There are people. There are burnt people. There are dead bodies. There are wounded, I’m not in a position to count. But my estimate is that the death toll may rise to 70,’ said Doctor Muslim Khan.

Rescue workers and government officials had warned that casualties were trapped under collapsed shops at the bomb site, where a large blaze, a toppled building and the narrow streets hampered the relief effort.

‘I am counting the dead bodies, 86 are confirmed dead, the injured are more than 200, there are children and women among the dead,’ Mohammad Gul, a police official at the hospital, told AFP.

The area was one of the most congested parts of Peshawar and full of women’s clothing shops and general market stalls popular in the city of 2.5 million.

‘A building structure has collapsed… People are trapped in the fire and buildings. This is the most congested area of the city,’ Sahibzada Mohammad Anees, a senior local administrative official, told a private TV channel.

6Peshawar, a teeming metropolis, is a gateway to Pakistan’s northwest tribal belt, where the military is pressing a major offensive against Pakistani Taliban militants blamed for some of the worst of the recent carnage.

Tensions have soared across Pakistan following a spike in violence blamed on Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked extremists in which more than 240 people have died this month.


95 killed, over 200 injured in blast in Pak’s Peshawar city

Courtsey:~ Dawn, IndianExpress, AP, AFP.

Gunmen open fire on army vehicle in Islamabad

October 27, 2009


Tuesday, 27 Oct, 2009 ||

ISLAMABAD: Gunmen riding a motorbike Tuesday sprayed bullets into the car of an army brigadier in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad for a second time in less than a week, police said.

No one was hurt in the morning attack in the busy I-9 residential neighbourhood and the gunmen fled, police officer Khurshid Khan told AFP.

‘Two gunmen on a motorcycle sprayed bullets on the car of Brigadier Waqar Ahmed but he, his mother and his driver were unhurt,’ said Khan.

Tensions are high in Islamabad following a spike in attacks blamed on Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked extremists which has left nearly 200 people dead this month in the frontline state in the US-led war on terror.

On Thursday, gunmen attacked an army jeep in Islamabad, killing a brigadier on leave from a UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan and his driver.

The military has been embarrassed by a series of recent attacks, including an audacious assault this month on the army headquarters in Rawalpindi claimed by the Tehreek-e-Taliban in Pakistan (TTP) movement.

Pakistan has vowed to crush the network, pressing an 11-day ground and air offensive targeting TTP in their South Waziristan stronghold along the Afghan border where Al-Qaeda is accused of plotting attacks on the West.— AFP

Balochistan education minister gunned down

October 26, 2009

Balcoh minister murder FIR lodged against unnamed offenders


Updated at: 1100 PST, Monday, October 26, 2009

QUETTA: The funeral prayer of slain education minister of Balochistan Shafiq Ahmed Khan will be said in Eid Gah located on Taloghi Road here at 2:30pm today and he will be laid to rest in his native Kasi graveyard, meanwhile, police claimed to have lodged the FIR of his murder case against unidentified assailants in Quaidabad police station, Geo news reported on Monday.

According to details, Baloch education minister and PPP leader Shafiq Ahmed Khan was gunned down by unknown culprits outside his home on Sunday afternoon.

Police sources said the case against unknown murderers was registered on complain of his brother Tahir Mehmood here in Quaidabad police station late on Sunday night.

Provincial home minister told Geo news, following the brutal murder of education minister, the security measures, all across province particularly in provincial capital Quetta, have been beefed up, meanwhile, four top-level teams have kicked off investigation into tragedy.

Anjuman of Balochistan Traders (ABT) has called for observance of complete shutter down strike to express protest and condolence with family of deceased minister which will be jointly backed by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, sources said.

Also, city nazim Quetta has announced closure of all district government’s offices throughout city to express condolence over minister’s murder, sources added.


Mourners comfort each other at the house of slain Balochistan Education Minister Shafiq Ahmed Khan in Quetta. – Photo by AFP.

QUETTA: Balochistan’s Education Minister Shafiq Ahmed Khan was shot dead in front of his house here on Sunday. One of his close relatives was injured in the attack. Mr Khan, 55, belonged to the PPP.


Police official killed in blast

By Munawer Azeem ||
Sunday, 25 Oct, 2009 | 04:24 AM PST

ISLAMABAD, Oct 24: A Motorway Police officer died when terrorists riding a car blew up explosives on the M2 close to the Lillah Interchange near Kalar Kahar.

Officials were not sure whether the blast was caused by explosives planted in the vehicle or a terrorist wearing a suicide jacket.

Police said that they had prior information about two suspicious vehicles travelling on the Motorway.

Courtsey: The News || Dawn

Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Turkey united against terrorism

October 24, 2009


Tackling Terrorism in Indian Sub-continent.

Friday, 23 Oct, 2009||

updated on 26 Oct, 2009||

UNITED NATIONS: In an unprecedented joint appearance on American television Thursday, UN ambassadors of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India said their governments have the same goal – to defeat terrorism. indian pm26india1Karz460x276pakistan pm

‘We all come from the same crucible, the same history, the same background,’ Abdullah Hussain Haroon, the Pakistani ambassador to the UN, told CNN.

‘There may be minor differences of course but I think all three of us are well-intentioned.’ In comments echoed by the other ambassadors, Haroon added, ‘We all believe that these countries should get together and try and sort out this situation.’ The efforts of all, he said, are required ‘to help each other get through this difficult phase.’

The channel interviewed the ambassadors amid worsening violence in Afghanistan, an intense debate in the United States about troop levels there, a Pakistani military offensive against the Taliban after a string of terrorist attacks, and India still reeling from the assault on Mumbai almost one year ago.

The Indian ambassador to the United Nations, Hardeep Singh Puri, said that India was very restrained after the Mumbai attack, and that its restraint would continue.

‘There is no suggestion ever that a diversion of Pakistani military assets from one border to the other to fight the people who really need to be fought would result in any Indian adventurism, he said. ‘I don’t think that’s the kind of ambiance that we are presently in.’ Haroon said.

Pakistan’s armed forces are very stretched by the offensives against the Taliban. He said they are short of resources, in part because Western countries have failed to deliver on all their promises of aid. ‘I think that the Pakistanis feel there are too many caveats, too many conditions, and it does make it sound rather strange that aid is nowhere near the sort of $5 billion to $10 billion we need a year to be able to come back on our own,’ he said.

‘This is merely adding a crutch. Is that what we need at this time, a crutch? Or do we need something more promising?’ Ambassador Zahir Tanin of Afghanistan tried to persuade those Americans who are skeptical that they should continue supporting the war in his country.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll this week showed voters are deeply and evenly split over whether to send an additional 40,000 troops there, as the US commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, says is needed.

‘Nowadays, after these elections, I think both the leadership in Afghanistan and our friends and partners focused on how the new elections will bring more legitimacy to Afghanistan. So we are not against that debate,’ he said, referencing the runoff that will take place on November 7 between President Hamid Karzai and his main challenger, former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah.

All three ambassadors said it is vital that the United States send more troops to Afghanistan to help win the fight against terrorism.

Puri, the Indian ambassador, said, ‘You cannot have a fight against international terrorism which is compartmentalized. The snakes that bite us wherever come from the same pit.’

He added: ‘You cannot do Faustian deals with terrorist groups, so I think you need a comprehensive international movement against the terrorists, and I hope that all of us who are involved in this will carry this fight through until the end so that all of us are victors in this.’ –APP

Turkish PM for joint struggle to stamp out terrorism


Updated at: 1720 PST, Monday, October 26, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Monday stressed the need for putting up a joint struggle against the scourge of terrorism and extremism.

Delivering a historic address to the joint session of Pakistani Parliament, the Turkish PM said Turkey understands the challenges and problems being faced by the people of Pakistan. “Turkey stands with Pakistan in the war against terror,” the Turkish PM said.

The Turkish PM’s speech at the joint session of the Parliament is a first ever address made by any foreign diplomat.

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, senior military officials including Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and members of parliament attended today’s session.

The first lady of Turkey was also present along with the Turkish diplomats.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was not only the great leader of Pakistan but also of the entire world. When Ms Bhutto was assassinated on December 27, 2007, the members of Turkish parliament representing all the political parties of the country expressed grief, he added.

He described the relations shared between Pakistan and Turkey as extraordinary.

“Pakistan holds a special place in the hearts of Turkish people right from the day the former became independent 62 years ago,” the Turkish PM said, adding “the Turkish people still remember the freedom movement spearheaded by Jauhar brothers.”

Terror, terror everywhere


Posted by Asif Akhtar in Pakistan, Politics on 10 23rd, 2009

The coordinated attacks on security infrastructure which went on for a week gave Pakistan a real taste of an insurgent backlash to violent conflict. Over the weekend, amidst security threats to educational institutions, ranging from schools to universities, the media speculated over whether these would close down in order to avoid an ugly hostage situation. There seemed to be some confusion on Monday morning, with headlines claiming that all private schools would remain open in Lahore, ‘including those in cantonment and DHA.’ But by night time, the government had done a 180, announcing that in fact schools across the country would remain closed for the entire week. Though I’m sure no student would complain about a week-long vacation, these mild, curfew-like restrictions suggest that this is the point when the country’s internal conflict gets a little too close for comfort to everyday life, instead of just being something you watch on the television screen.

It was City 42, a news channel, that reported that LUMS (yes, I dare mention LUMS, after all that) would shut down after the blasts at IIU in Islamabad, making the administration’s still-pending decision a self-fulfilling prophecy after students assumed the news to be true. LUMS students were upbeat however, knowing that they had no readings, quizzes, or assignments due. ‘They [the students] don’t care about theses security issues,’ says Haider Fancy, a senior at LUMS. ‘They just want to get the next week off, and not have to go to class, that’s all they care about.’ But not everyone can be so detached.  ‘These freshmen are crazy,’ exclaims a slightly more concerned senior, ‘with all this security mess, they’re out on campus celebrating.’

The warden at the female hostel of Beaconhouse National University seemed to be way ahead of the game than the wobbly policies of the LUMS administration. Students living at the hostel claim that the warden had been calling parents up and ‘freaking them out,’ in a sort of polite way to inform concerned parents that ‘they’ were responsible for their daughters’ safety, and not the entrusted hostel administration. As early as last weekend, many hostel residing students got concerned calls from parents all over Pakistan, worried for their children’s safety. Indeed, it seems this sensational propaganda laden ‘war of terror’ has gotten to our nerves.

LUMS students received a security update on their lively email server, warning students that terrorists ‘could take control of their cars’ and use them to execute attacks. If that doesn’t get you a little edgy, the government has been investigating text messages claiming that terrorists might be able to hack into an unsuspected caller’s phone so that when he presses a key to dial a number he detonates a bomb which could bring down a building. (On a side note, wouldn’t everyone agree that the scene would make a great ad for a cell phone provider? The voiceover could say, ‘Now introducing new explosive pre-paid packages, which might put your security, and the security of others around you at risk’ over the backdrop of a three-way split-screen conversation between a man, his wife, and… a terrorist!)

So  with all this news of evil, scheming terrorists taking control of strange foreign objects through these ‘Jedi mind-tricks’ which they seem to have mastered in the past few months, I’m afraid of using the lota in my bathroom because it just might be used to launch an attack on some unsuspecting target. Oh what shall we do? Now as a nation we’ll have to conform to the toilet-paper scraping ways of the West. Oh will the Lord finally intervene? read more…….

Courtsey : Dawn, AFP, AP. 

Pakistan Friday Terror Digest……….1.

October 23, 2009

Anti-tank mine kills 15 in Mohmand: officials


Anti-tank mine kills 15 in Mohmand,6 others were also wounded when a vehicle carrying passengers to a wedding hit an anti-tank mine.

Friday, 23 Oct, 2009

map608PESHAWAR: An anti-tank mine exploded Friday under a minibus, killing 15 wedding guests on a road used by government forces in Pakistan’s tribal belt on the Afghan border, officials said.


The incident took place at Baizai Tehsil in the Sorandara area of Mohmand, where security forces have been pressing an offensive against rebels in what is part of Pakistan’s tribal belt, where al Qaeda-linked militants are holed up.


‘A vehicle carrying passengers to a wedding hit an anti-tank mine, killing 15 people and wounding six others,’ a senior local administration official, Maqsood Khan, told AFP.


Another senior administration official, Rasool Khan, confirmed the incident and number of casualties. Most of the dead were women and children, he said. The bodies of those killed and the injured have been shifted to the Ghananai Hospital.


The same road is used extensively by Pakistan’s paramilitary Frontier Corps (FC), which demolished several houses of suspected militants in the Sorandara area during raids Thursday.


Security forces launched a huge operation against militants in Mohmand and Bajaur last August. In February, they said Bajaur had been cleared after months of fierce fighting, but unrest has rumbled on.

Blast near aeronautical complex in Attock kills seven

Security forces survey the site of a suicide bomb attack at the entrance of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in Kamra, about 75 km northwest of Islamabad, October 23, 2009. — Reuters
Friday, 23 Oct, 2009||updated at 2.30 PST

ISLAMABAD: A suicide bomber struck near a major air force complex in northwestern Pakistan Friday, killing seven people as the army pressed ahead with a major anti-Taliban in close to the Afghan border.

The attack happened outside the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) in Kamra Cantt, DawnNews reported.

‘There was a suicide attack and at least seven people have been killed,’ said district police officer, Fakhar Sultan.

‘Two Pakistan Air Force personnel are among those killed in the attack,’ he told AFP.

The attack was the latest in a wave of bombings and raids sweeping Pakistan targeting mostly security-related institutions that has killed more than 150 people.

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex at Kamra is the country’s major air force maintenance and research hub.

Some foreign military experts have mentioned it as a possible place to keep planes that can carry nuclear warheads.

The army, which does not reveal where its nuclear- related facilities are, has denied that the facility is tied to the program in any way.

A lone suicide bomber on a bicycle blew himself at a check point on a road leading to the complex, around 30 miles from Islamabad.

Police officer Akbar Abbas blamed the Taliban for the attack. The seven dead included two security troops, while 13 people were wounded.

The complex at Kamra or its workers have been targeted at least once before. In December 2007, a suicide car bomber struck near a bus carrying children of Pakistan Air Force employees, wounding five of them.

15 hurt in Peshawar car bomb blast


Rescuers help an injured man at a bomb blast site in Peshawar on October 23, 2009. — AFP

Updated at: 1400 PST, Friday, October 23, 2009

PESHAWAR: Fifteen people sustained injuries in a remote control car bomb blast happened in Peshawar’s posh locality of Hyatabad.peshawar10-23-2009_89765_l

Sources said the explosion occurred in a car parked outside a restaurant in Phase 2 of Hyatabad. Gunshots were also heard after the blast. Police officials and rescue workers reached at the blast site and shifted wounded persons to Hyatabad Medical Complex. Police have cordoned off the area. Law enforcement agencies have arrested a suspected man and shifted him at undisclosed location for interrogations.

The sources of Bomb Disposal Squad said the blast carried out through remote control device in which 40 kilograms of explosive was used.

Fierce fighting in Waziristan; toll passes 160


The military said it secured the ridge of Shishamwan behind Kotkai, after an ‘intense engagement’ allowing troops to besiege Kotkai from the east. — File photo

Friday, 23 Oct, 2009|| updated 1300 PST

  ISLAMABAD: The military said Friday that the death toll in a major military assault on the Taliban in Waziristan rose to more than 160 on the seventh day of intense fighting in the region.

Thirteen militants, including six Uzbeks, have died since the last death toll, bringing the overall number of insurgents killed to 142, a statement said.

In addition, two soldiers have been killed in the offensive around South Waziristan, where authorities say scores of al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked attacks have been masterminded, bringing the overall number of dead soldiers to 20.

Death tolls are impossible to confirm independently with the area closed and all communication lines down.  Read More………

Security forces kill 19 militants in Kyber, Mohmand, Dir


Updated at: 2045 PST, Friday, October 23, 2009

PESHAWAR: Security forces have killed 19 militants and arrested 41 suspected terrorists in Khyber Agency, Mohmand, and Lower Dir.

In an operation security forces killed 4 terrorists and destroyed 4 vehicles at Gorgari in Kyber Agency, FC media cell reported.

Meanwhile, 25 suspected terrorists were detained during a search operation in Shalobar, Tehsil Bara.

Security forces also conducted operation in Mohmand Agency, killing 15 insurgents and injuring 14 at Kozchanari, Ghanamshah and Ziarat.

Two shops and ten terrorist hideouts were also ruined in the operation, while 14 terrorists have been caught at Lal Qila and Mira Mai, in Dir district.

Courtsey:  Dawn, The News, AFP, AP.

Army officer, guard killed in ambush in Pakistan

October 22, 2009


An emergency personnel checks an army jeep with bullet holes splattered on the windshield after it was attacked by gunmen in Islamabad, October 22, 2009. — AP

Sudan UN peace mission head assassinated in Islamabad

Thursday, 22 Oct, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Head of the United Nations peace-keeping mission in Sudan and former deputy director general military operations Brigadier Moinuddin Ahmed was assassinated, along with another army official in a shootout in Islamabad on Thursday.

An unknown number of gunmen attacked the brigadier’s military jeep as he left his house in the G-11/1 sector of the capital.

Another army official was injured in the attack, rescue officials told DawnNews television.

Brigadier Moin was visiting Pakistan and was expected to return to Sudan at the UN mission tomorrow.

The military vehicle was attacked at around 8.30am Thursday morning.

‘Witnesses have told us two men came on a motorcycle and opened fire,’ city police official Abdul Qadir told Reuters.

Another Source Confirms : Pak army officer, guard killed in ambush : Read more……


Pak has evidence about India’s involvement in Balochistan: Rehman Malik, What about the Solid & Pak evidence of Indian involvement with Talibans ??

October 21, 2009




Rehman Malik speaks idiotic to bye-pass his failure to check Pak terrorism. Pakistan Authorities have to abandon this conventional Anti India Propaganda to solve our internal problems on our own. Killing of many MQM Leaders by Pakistani Force or the smashing a people’s movement in Balochistan fuels the Baloch movement without any Indian connection. A disable Rehman Malik now talks nonsense now.11baluch_600

Pakistan has “solid evidence” about India’s involvement in fomenting unrest in Balochistan province and is ready to share them with New Delhi, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Wednesday.

Islamabad has “solid evidence of India’s interference in Balochistan” and this material can be shared with Indian ministers or representatives at any forum of their choice, Malik told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting at the interior ministry.

“I invite their interior minister or anyone else (to come to Pakistan) and I will put on record all the material about India’s interference in Balochistan. I’ll prove it to the world,” he said.

Malik made the remarks in response to a question about Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that a Mumbai-like attack was imminent in India.

pakistan-2009-4-12-12-20-31He said India should stop “issuing threats” every few weeks as Pakistan is capable of responding to any contingency.
He said Indian prime minister should share with Pakistan the information on the basis of which he had said a Mumbai-like attack is imminent.

“The prime minister of India made a statement six months ago that something similar to the Mumbai attacks will happen in India. Yesterday, he has made a statement that (an attack) is imminent. Prime Minister, I am sure you have the information or some intelligence ,” he said.pakistan-2009-4-12-12-20-27

Such a propaganda cannot solve the internal problems of  economy, civil security or the all round backwardness of Pakistan than India. The fore-runners of Pakistan made it clear that anti-Indian propaganda is the oxygen of Pak Politics. And out of this situation Pakistan  has made so many devils of the civil societies and the global humanities, now active as Taliban Frankenstein to destroy the Pakistan itself. Now, the Pakistan Interior Minister  Rehman Malik is trying to play same anti Indian card to save his face from all his iresponsibilities, fallacies and failures to restore the Pakistan’s peaceful civil life line from the vicious nexus of  Anti-Indian Terrorism and the Supportive Mechanism  in the Pakistani Adminstration and the Army. Undoubtedly, the people of  Balochistan has revolted for their reasons and sometimes very objectionable through a  Anti Pakistani Feeling which must be opposed vehemently.

But the solution never exist  in the process of absurd and  high raised propaganda against India. We may see a Rehman Malik as a research scholar with his new thesis with other solid evidence of Indian connection with the Talibans, too.

Are the above pictures of evidences carrying any potency relating to  Pak IM’s allegations against India ? If Rehman Malik tries to prove the Pro-People Baloch Movement is nothing but an Indian instigation, the Baloch people will resolute accordingly.

Suicide blasts at Islamabad’s Islamic university kill fifteen. Educational Origin of Dreadful Islam attacked by its by-product Islamic Terrorism.

October 20, 2009



Twin blasts kill 15, injure 10 at Islamabad university campus -ANI  click here to read…..

Twin blasts in Islamabad university; 7 killed, 40 hurt

ISLAMABAD: A double suicide bombing at Islamabad’s International Islamic University on Tuesday killed up to seven people, including the two bombers, an administration official said.islamicuniblast_AFP608

‘Seven people, including two suicide bombers are dead, and 29 injured in the two attacks. Among the dead is one female,’ a senior administration official, Rana Akbar Hayat told AFP at the scene of the attack.

Police investigators confirmed that both were suicide attacks.

Read more here…

Speaking at the capital’s main hospital, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said there were six dead — two suicide bombers, two men and two women.

blast316The police arrested a suspect from the site of the blast.

The university is located in Islamabad’s sector H-11.

Eyewitnesses told DawnNews that there were between three to four thousand students present at the time of the blasts and that one bomb exploded inside a classroom.

The blasts occurred within a span of one minute at two campuses of the university.

Earlier in the day two bombs were defused at a girls’ school in Peshawar.

Read more here…….


Former SSG commando of Pakistan Army Ilyas Kashmiri’s Ghazwa-e-Hind plans to spread terror World Wide.

October 18, 2009


Pak Al-Qaeda’s target remains the United States and its allies, such as Europe, Israel and India

Dreaded terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri runs Al Qaeda’s [ Images ] 313 Brigade. A few weeks ago the United States declared that Kashmiri had been killed in a drone attack. However, Kashmiri resurfaced with an interview to Asia Times this week, declaring he had survived the attack.9-20-2009_24626_lIn the interview Kashmiri said the 26/11 Mumbai [ Images ] attacks were nothing compared to what was really planned. While India has maintained that the attacks were masterminded by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba [ Images ], Kashmiri’s statement has come as a surprise.

Syed Saleem Shahzad, chief of Asia Times‘s Pakistan bureau who interviewed Kashmiri, told that the 313 Brigade is Al Qaeda’s commando force which trains youth for terrorist operations.

Indian Intelligence Bureau sources suspect Kashmiri is planning terror strikes on the lines of the Mumbai attacks, but much larger in scope.

Kashmiri’s statements indicates that the 313 Brigade was involved in the Mumbai attacks. Indian intelligence sources believe that while the Lashkar undertook a major part of the operation, including identifying the terrorists who participated in the attack, the 313 Brigade was also involved.

Shahzad believes Kashmiri was in the know about the Mumbai attacks. The journalist feels the plan for the Mumbai attacks was originally conceived by a Pakistani security agency.

taliban-300x168As a run-up to the Mumbai attacks several low profile attacks were carried out in India. Under the direction of General Ashfaq Kayani — then the Inter Services Intelligence director general; now the Pakistan army [ Images ] chief — low key attacks were initially planned in India. This plan continued when General Nadeem Taj took over as ISI chief after Kayani was promoted to his present position.

A few dozen terrorists were trained at the Mangla dam near Islamabad [ Images ] to be later sent to Gujarat from where they were to travel to Kashmir [ Images ] and give the militancy in that state a terror fillip. Lashkar leader Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhwi, who faces a trial for his role in the 26/11 attacks, was part of this plan.

After Al Qaeda representatives stepped in, they suggested that instead of carrying out a low-profile attack on Kashmir, Mumbai be targeted instead. Lakhwi and his ISI minders disassociated with the original plan of attacking Kashmir and decided to go ahead with the Mumbai attacks.

Ilyas Kashmiri’s 313 Brigade is believed to be one of the organisations that trained the ten men who attacked Mumbai. IB sources say although Kashmiri and his terrorists thumbare currently fighting American and NATO troops in Afghanistan, his primary interest remains India. Kashmiri, a former Pakistan army commando, fought the Indian military in Kashmir before moving on to Pakistan’s western front after 9/11.

Intelligence sources say Kashmiri is building a team to spread terror in India, the Ghazwa-e-Hind.
Shahzad points out that Kashmiri believes India will soon involve itself militarily in Afghanistan. And when that happens the Ghazwa-e-Hind will be launched with a massive terror operation across India. Although Kashmiri has fallen out with the Pakistan security establishment, Shahzad says he continues to be a bigger threat to India than to Pakistan.

Pakistani security agencies, Shahzad adds, believe that without the 313 Brigade’s expertise neither Al Qaeda nor the Pakistani Taliban [ Images ] can successfully operate in Pakistan or in Afghanistan.

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Militant’s death exposes army’s jihadist side

Ilyas Kashmiri survived last month’s airstrike in Pakistan


Al-Qaida based in Pak: White House

October 18, 2009


“Is this a New Realization to America ??” – #Alertpak#

PTI 18 October 2009, 08:07pm IST
sept11wtcsouthtowerua175WASHINGTON: A top Obama aide today said the al-Qaida is based in Pakistan and that the US would “not rush” in finalising the new strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan.pakistan-terrorist-state
“This is where al-Qaida is based. Not just in Afghanistan, it’s clear that they’re based in Pakistan,” Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, told the CNN in an interview.”What is the relationship between the Taliban? Are there different grades of a Taliban? That is what the analysis is going on in the situation room, and I think the comfort for the American people is the president will not be rushed to making a decision without asking firm questions and challenging the assumptions behind those questions,” Emanuel said.
Five such meetings – each spreading over three hours – have been held so far and more are scheduled for the next two weeks, he said.
Emanuel said the Administration would not rush through its decision on Afghanistan and Pakistan and would take its own time to take a call on it.