Pak has evidence about India’s involvement in Balochistan: Rehman Malik, What about the Solid & Pak evidence of Indian involvement with Talibans ??




Rehman Malik speaks idiotic to bye-pass his failure to check Pak terrorism. Pakistan Authorities have to abandon this conventional Anti India Propaganda to solve our internal problems on our own. Killing of many MQM Leaders by Pakistani Force or the smashing a people’s movement in Balochistan fuels the Baloch movement without any Indian connection. A disable Rehman Malik now talks nonsense now.11baluch_600

Pakistan has “solid evidence” about India’s involvement in fomenting unrest in Balochistan province and is ready to share them with New Delhi, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Wednesday.

Islamabad has “solid evidence of India’s interference in Balochistan” and this material can be shared with Indian ministers or representatives at any forum of their choice, Malik told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting at the interior ministry.

“I invite their interior minister or anyone else (to come to Pakistan) and I will put on record all the material about India’s interference in Balochistan. I’ll prove it to the world,” he said.

Malik made the remarks in response to a question about Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that a Mumbai-like attack was imminent in India.

pakistan-2009-4-12-12-20-31He said India should stop “issuing threats” every few weeks as Pakistan is capable of responding to any contingency.
He said Indian prime minister should share with Pakistan the information on the basis of which he had said a Mumbai-like attack is imminent.

“The prime minister of India made a statement six months ago that something similar to the Mumbai attacks will happen in India. Yesterday, he has made a statement that (an attack) is imminent. Prime Minister, I am sure you have the information or some intelligence ,” he said.pakistan-2009-4-12-12-20-27

Such a propaganda cannot solve the internal problems of  economy, civil security or the all round backwardness of Pakistan than India. The fore-runners of Pakistan made it clear that anti-Indian propaganda is the oxygen of Pak Politics. And out of this situation Pakistan  has made so many devils of the civil societies and the global humanities, now active as Taliban Frankenstein to destroy the Pakistan itself. Now, the Pakistan Interior Minister  Rehman Malik is trying to play same anti Indian card to save his face from all his iresponsibilities, fallacies and failures to restore the Pakistan’s peaceful civil life line from the vicious nexus of  Anti-Indian Terrorism and the Supportive Mechanism  in the Pakistani Adminstration and the Army. Undoubtedly, the people of  Balochistan has revolted for their reasons and sometimes very objectionable through a  Anti Pakistani Feeling which must be opposed vehemently.

But the solution never exist  in the process of absurd and  high raised propaganda against India. We may see a Rehman Malik as a research scholar with his new thesis with other solid evidence of Indian connection with the Talibans, too.

Are the above pictures of evidences carrying any potency relating to  Pak IM’s allegations against India ? If Rehman Malik tries to prove the Pro-People Baloch Movement is nothing but an Indian instigation, the Baloch people will resolute accordingly.

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