Face of International Pakistan Terrorism, tormented internal security. Is Pakistan a lost Case?

‘Pakistani Taliban ordered attacks in Barcelona’


Spanish police take away a suspect during a raid against suspected militants in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, near Barcelona on January 20, 2009. — Photo by AFP

Thursday, 12 Nov, 2009

MADRID: Eleven suspected militants of South Asian origin are on trial in Spain over an alleged plot to stage suicide attacks on Barcelona’s subway system.

Prosecutors say the cell of men from Pakistan and India acted on orders from the Pakistani Taliban. The motive was alleged to be the presence of Spanish troops in Afghanistan.

The trial began Thursday at the National Court, Spain’s hub for terrorism cases. It is expected to last several weeks.

Police foiled the alleged plan in January 2008 with a series of raids in Spain’s second largest city.

The police moved in after a member of the cell who was designated to blow himself up got cold feet and alerted authorities, according to a Spanish prosecutor. — AP

Five troops killed in army offensive: military


Five Troops killed & Seven other soldiers were wounded during clashes with Taliban militants, the military said. -AP Photo

Thursday, 12 Nov, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Five Pakistani troops were killed in an exchange of heavy fire as militants put up stiff resistance to a military offensive in the northwest tribal region, the army said Thursday.

The fighting erupted as troops trying to clear Taliban fighters from the rugged South Waziristan region near the Afghan border advanced on areas adjoining the Taliban stronghold of Kanigurram, the military said in a statement.

Pakistan launched a punishing air and ground offensive in the region on October 17, with 30,000 troops backed by fighter jets and helicopter gunships.

‘Security forces advanced further to secure the area of Langar Khel. Intense engagement took place.

During clashes 14 terrorists were killed while five soldiers embraced shahadat (martyrdom) and seven were injured,’ the statement said. A total of 22 militants had been killed in the last 24 hours, it said.

The military provides the only regular information coming from the frontlines. None of the details can be verified because communication lines are down and journalists and aid workers barred from the area.

The tribal belt which has become a cauldron of Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters has been dubbed by Washington the most dangerous place in the world.

The army claims to have overrun a number of key Taliban strongholds including Sararogha, Makeen and Kanigurram in the region in the four week old assault.

They say 524 militants and 53 soldiers have been killed since the offensive began.

The South Waziristan offensive has displaced more than 250,000 people and the United Nations has urged Pakistan to ensure safety and security of civilians during the operation. -AFP

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