Again on Friday. Islamic Suicide Car Blast kills 12 in Peshawar, another blast at Bannu killed 8 in Pakistan. 100 injured.

updated on 14-11-2009, 11-00 am.


Suicide car blast kills 11 in Peshawar

Dawn Report ||Friday, 13 Nov, 2009

PESHAWAR: Seven security personnel were among 11 people killed when a suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into ISI’s regional headquarters on the Khyber Road on Friday. At least 80 people were injured.

The bomb attack in Peshawar destroyed the three-storey ISI building and adjoining barracks and damaged offices and houses in a large area.PAKISTAN-VIOLENCE/

A police official said the bomber blew up his van at about 6.45am near a security checkpoint at the entrance of Inter-Services Intelligence agency’s building on the highly guarded Artillery Road in the cantonment area.

An official of the bomb disposal unit, Malik Shafqat Mehmud, told Dawn that about 400kgs of explosives mixed with trinitrotoluene had been used in the attack.

According to ISPR, seven military personnel were among 11 people killed when the van was rammed into the military checkpoint.

According to sources, bodies of five security personnel were brought to the Lady Reading Hospital and two who hade suffered serious injuries died there. Five of the 47 injured people in the hospital were in critical condition. Two women and a child were among the injured.

Twenty-nine of the injured were taken to the Combined Military Hospital and six to the Khyber Teaching Hospital.PAKISTAN-UNREST-NORTHWEST-BLAST

Those killed in the attack included Syed Adnan Ali Shah, Lal Zeb, Shafi Mohammad, Nimatullah and security guards Suleman Shah and Khan Afzal.

Questions were being asked how the explosive-laden vehicle could enter the sensitive area which had numerous checkpoints manned by armed forces’ personnel.

Security personnel cordoned off the area and did not allow media persons to go near the site of the attack. The Khyber Road was blocked and traffic was diverted to other roads.

An official at the East Cantonment Police Station said the blast had left a deep crater near the building’s main gate.

He said a van or a water tanker might have been used by the bomber, but there was no eyewitness account.

He said the vehicle apparently went to the place from the wrong side of the road. ‘The explosion left a seven-foot deep and 11-foot wide crater,’ a security official said.

He said that security guards had fired at the approaching vehicle but failed to hit the bomber. The roof of a nearby two-storey building collapsed after the blast.

Several people suffered minor injuries from shards of windowpanes in their houses in Falcon Colony on the Warsak Road.

A resident said that at least 30 people in the colony had received minor injuries and almost all the 40 houses had been damaged. Some residents of the colony have moved to other areas.

Shops, offices and swings at the Army Stadium, across the road from the place of the attack, were also damaged.

Windows of the Peshawar Press Club, over 1km away, were also shattered.

Bomb blast hits Bannu police station, eight dead

Friday, 13 Nov, 2009

BANNU: A suicide bomber rammed a vehicle packed with explosives into a police station in Bannu on Friday, killing five policemen plus three others and trapping many persons under the rubble, police said.

‘The bomber rammed the car into the police station,’ Bannu police chief Iqbal Marwad told AFP from the garrison town.

‘There are three policemen dead and 12 injured. The number of casualties is likely to rise because the injured are being pulled out from the rubble of the police station,’ he added officially.


Bannu suicide attack toll soars to 8

Updated at: 1250 PST, Friday, November 13, 2009

BANNU: The death toll of a suicide attack at a police station in Bannu has reached to seven, DPO Muhammad Iqbal said. Five security men are also among the deceased.

According to sources, a suicide bomber rammed his car into Bakka Khel police station building at Rangsa Road in Bannu. The building of the police station has completely destroyed in the attack. SHO Riaz Khatak and some of the inmates were also included in the injured. The bodies and injured were shifted to district headquarter hospital Bannu where emergency has been announced.

Bakka Khel police station is situated at the border of Bannu and semi tribal area; therefore it is a sensitive police station. There were prior reports of attack on the police station.

From possibility it appears to be a suicide attack, Bakakhel police station building has been damaged very badly, eight persons including five security men are dead and twenty others are injured,as the sources told to the Media.


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