Is Pak media responsible for Talibanization Of Pakistan? How and Why?

The myths, the madness, and the media

by Nadeem F. Paracha || Courtesy :

….”…it seems this episode, which, I believe, finally brought the private electronic media into the forefront, had a rather disastrous impact on the nascent egos of various talk show hosts and TV reporters.

Suddenly, they took the noble idea of missionary journalism, and instead of continuing to tread on the ‘objective middle ground,’ began moving way towards the populist right. And what’s more, once their bosses decided that this new trajectory was actually generating better monetary results (à la FOX News), the channels never looked back, sloganeering all the way to the bank!

Personalities such as Shahid Masood, Hamid Mir, Talat Hussain, Kashif Abbasi, Ansar Abbasi, Zaid Hamid, Shireen Mazari have all emerged from the abovementioned scenario. As part of this largely reactionary and at the same time monetarily cynical phenomenon is the transformation of non-media personalities into regular TV feasts.”

“Since the Taliban and the inhuman havoc they’ve been perpetrating is the single most critical issue impacting the country at this very moment, let’s evaluate the popular news channels’ handling of this ordeal.

Recently, many TV talk show hosts and their favourite sounding boards (‘guests’), have come under fire from certain ‘liberal’ sections belonging to the print media, academia, and in the blogsphere.

The more sensationalist and unsubstantiated accusations against some talk show hosts of being ‘ISI agents’ and ‘extremists’ can be put aside as subjective groaning. But then so can what usually comes out of the mouths of many hosts and their guests.

In the last three years at least, TV talk shows have openly thrived on building whole ‘debates’ and arguments on what almost entirely belongs in the floozy and demagogic conspiracy theory sphere.”

“Till 2003, when, comparatively speaking, suicide bombings were a rare occurrence in Pakistan, they were reported by the newly inaugurated private TV channels as part of a simple narrative: the bombings were being undertaken by indigenous sectarian organisations in cahoots with Al Qaeda in reaction to the United States’ post-9/11 action in Afghanistan.

The narrative was simple, but there was a lot of truth in it as well. Even till this day, sectarian organisations such as the (supposedly banned) Sipah-Sehaba  and Lashkar-e-Taiba are believed to be doing the ground work for the Taliban and shady Al Qaeda elements.

In the wake of Pakistan’s more aggressive involvement in the US-run ‘war on terror,’ the above narrative began being tempered by talk show ‘guests’ – mainly from the Jamat-i-Islami, and certain retired generals who still seemed nostalgically stuck in the 1980s’ ‘Afghan Jihad.’’

“The entirely lopsided and irresponsible coverage of the Lal Masjid is clearly the local electronic media’s darkest hour, one that was only partially rectified by the same media’s following fetish: The Lawyers’ Movement.

With the rise in terrorist attacks on Pakistani civilians, the narrative that put the action of Muslims seeking ‘justified revenge’ against fellow Muslims began weakening, until the sudden appearance of the likes of Zaid Hamid (on a struggling news channel and a music channel!) and Shireen Mazari.

Conspiracy theories about Mossad/RAW/CIA involvement in the matter that were once restricted to obscure crackpot websites suddenly exploded onto the Pakistani mainstream media scene. Some suggest this was done to justify the Pakistan Army’s operation in the north-west, making it look like a fight against infidels (as opposed to it being a civil war against monsters created and ignorantly tolerated by us alone).”

“Much psychosomatic gibberish emerges from this unsubstantiated and delusional narrative peddled every single day on talk shows. And if this is the only answer that these ‘experts’ have for the besieged people of Pakistan, then, I’m afraid, we truly have become a wretched nation which has decided to hold on to half-truths, myths, and fantastical stories as a means to safeguard our ‘honour,’ instead of depending more on reason and a positive exhibition of self-criticism. There is no bigger honour than saying and respecting the truth, no matter how disturbing it might be.”  Click here to read the full article.

Nadeem F. Paracha is a cultural critic and senior columnist for Dawn Newspaper and

A reader’s response to above : A lot we have done for Islam. Let us do something for Humanity. The Talibans have made Islam as a tool aganist Muslims. The praying Muslims in the Mosques; common men in the market are becoming the victims of Talibans. And our Televans (read as media)gave them the heights as Saviour of Islam and the Protector of downtrodden Muslim people. We are just seeing the cruel and fascist faces of Talibans in the name of Islam.

The endeavor and analysis of the critical situation under the caption “The myths, the madness, and the media” by Nadeem F. Paracha is a magnificent art of work without any doubt. I thank both the writer and the editor of DAWN for their power to say & publish the TRUTH. Obviously, they touched the persecuted heart of the minorities of Pakistan. Please write something about the plight of 1.86% Hindus in Pak, who were at least 16% here at the time of fatal partition of United India. If the Hindus & Muslims are united; Pakistan & India are united, the US and Chinese conspirators cannot be able to exploit us anymore.

The animosity between Islam and Infidels, India and Pakistan should be marginalized at any cost. The media should take the gross responsibility to save us to save them.

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2 Responses to “Is Pak media responsible for Talibanization Of Pakistan? How and Why?”

  1. Maloy Krishna Dhar Says:

    While I agree that media has done its job by publishing/broadcasting the inhuman, bigoted and destructive activities of the Taliban and other Tanzeems created by the ISI, the civil society mostly faltered by not openly standing up against religious bigotism. Though not a Muslim, I have a feeling that those who believe in Islam, should try to put the rail on correct track.


    maloy k dhar

  2. Ben Says:

    A Muslim is a Muslim.

    NONE of them are to be trusted. They’re all scum.

    We must not forget that the same is true of Christians and to a lesser degree even the Jews. They all worship the demonic sky god Jehovah who demands to be worshiped exclusively and if not the punishment is ever last hell,fire,and damnation.

    To behave like this as a human is unacceptable and yet we hold this evil god to a lower standard than we do people. This isn’t a god.

    It’s a demonic spirit everywhere. How the Pak media got escaped ?

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