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Multiple blasts hits Peshawar. Militants tried to storm the US consulate in Peshawar. Death toll crossed 50, several injured.

April 5, 2010
A view of destruction caused by a suicide bombing near the US consulate in Peshawar on Monday, April 5, 2010. Militants attacked a US consulate with car bombs and grenades, hours after a suicide attack on a political rally in the region. –AP Photo/Mohammad Sajjad

Militants attack US consulate, ANP rally; 51 killed

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PESHAWAR/TIMERGARA: Grenade and suicide attacks on the US Consulate in Peshawar and on a rally of the Awami National Party in Timergara killed 51 people and injured over 120 others on Monday.

Government and security officials said a squad of at least five suicide bombers armed with rocket-propelled grenades, guns and car bombs struck the outer security parameter of the heavily-guarded US Consulate from the main T-junction connecting the city with the cantonment and the highway to Afghanistan.

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Suicide Bomber blasted in ANP Rally

Forty-five people were killed and over 100 others injured when a suicide bomber set off explosives strapped to his body at a rally organised by the ANP to celebrate the renaming of NWFP in Timergara, about 170km from Peshawar.

According to eyewitnesses, the bomber in his early 20s blew himself up when a constable tried to stop him from proceeding to the centre-stage of the function.

Chief Minister of  Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa ( formerly NWFP ), Amir Haider Hoti announces three-days mourning after blasts.

Militants tried to storm the US consulate in Peshawar. Multiple blasts hits Peshawar.

Mon, 05 Apr, 2010 | Rabi-us-Sani 19, 1431
Peshawar : Six people, including four attackers, were killed when heavily armed militants in two vehicles tried to storm the US consulate in Peshawar on Monday, a Pakistani minister said. In a statement by the US Consulate General in Peshawar, the United States condemned the attack. According to the release, two Pakistani security guards employed by the Consulate General were among those killed in the attack. Pakistani Taliban militants claimed responsibility for the attack on the consulate.
Smoke billows following a huge bomb blast in Peshawar. -AFP Photo
Pakistani soldiers take positions following a huge bomb. -AFP Photo
Pakistani soldiers measure a crater near the U.S. consulate. -Reuters Photo
A Pakistani Army AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter flies over the site of a bomb blast. -AFP Photo
A US official examines the site of a suicide attack outside the US consulate. -AFP Photo
Pakistani security officials examine a damaged military building next to the US consulate. -Reuters Photo

3 blasts near US Consulate in Peshawar: 6 dead

Updated at: 1435 PST, Monday, April 05, 2010
PESHAWAR: A series of powerful explosions and gunfire rocked Peshawar area of Saddar on Monday as heavy grey smoke spewed into the sky, witnesses and a security official said.

The causes of the blasts were not immediately clear, said the security official and local residents.

At least six people were killed and some other injured in the blast; the bodies and the injured have been shifted to Lady Reading Hospital. Some other injured have been moved to the CMH as well.

Khyber Road where the US Consulate building is situated, is being air-monitored by the helicopters.

Television footage showed a heavy mushroom cloud and smoke rising into the air over the garrison part of the city, close to the US consulate and the Peshawar headquarters of Pakistan’s top spy agency, bombed last November.

Bursts of heavy gunfire could also be heard in the wake of blasts which a foreign news agency puts at five in number.

The Khyber Road, where the US Consulate is situated, has been closed.

The cameras of news channels were live covering the incident with security personnel on their positions, when two consecutive blasts occurred.

The series of these three blasts occurred within 20 minutes and shook the city followed by extreme firing. The second and third blasts occurred in vehicles.

The blasts were so intense that the mobile phones services were closed for some time.

Emergency has been declared in Peshawar Hospital.

The US Consulate official said the Consulate is gathering more information about the blasts.

In a statement by the US Consulate General in Peshawar, the United States condemned the attack.
Sources said that Pakistani Taliban militants claimed responsibility for the attack on the consulate.
Courtesy : DawnNews, TheNewsPak, Reuters, AFP, AP, Agencies.

Thanksgiving Ceremony of the Pashtun People for renaming “NWFP” as “Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa” attacked by Talibans.

April 5, 2010

Injured men are helped away from the site of a suicide bomb attack in Timergarah, situated in Lower Dir. – Reuters.

At least 30 killed, several injured in Dir blast

Mon, 05 Apr, 2010 | Rabi-us-Sani 19, 1431

PESHAWAR: A bomb attack killed 30 people at a celebration organized by a political party in northwest Pakistan on Monday, with fears the death toll could rise further, police said.

The suspected suicide bomber attacked the open-air gathering in Timargarah, the main town in the district of Lower Dir, where Pakistan waged a major offensive against local Taliban insurgents last year.

“Twenty-five people were killed,” Qazi Jamil, police chief for the northwestern region of Malakand, told AFP. However, DawnNews reported that at least 30 people were killed in the blast.

“Evidence collected so far indicates it was a suicide attack. We are investigating.”

“We are investigating whether it was a suicide attack or a bomb planted in the area. Residents said the blast occurred near the stage,” he added.

The Awami National Party (ANP), the secular political party that dominates government in North West Frontier Province organised the meeting to celebrate plans to re-name the province Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

The new name honours the Pashtun-majority population in the province and is set to replace a name that dates back to British colonial rule.

“Our party had arranged a thanksgiving day to celebrate the changing of the name after 200 years of colonial legacy,” an ANP spokesman told Geo television.

“People are saying it was a suicide attack. Many people have been martyred, many more have been wounded,” he added, speaking from the main northwestern city of Peshawar.

Rescue workers were searching the site of the blast as people were feared to be trapped under the rubble. The dead and the injured have been shifted to GHQ hospital.

Courtesy : DawnNews, Reuters, Agencies.

Police, Military, Militants battle intensifies in Pakistan. More casualties in both the Police and Military. But we have to pound the Barbaric Talibans and Qaedas.

April 3, 2010

Troops destroyed over 40 militant strongholds and six training camps in various parts of the Orakzai Agency. – (File Photo)

Six soldiers, 30 militants killed in Orakzai offensive

Sat, 03Apr, 2010 | Rabi-us-Sani 17, 1431

PESHAWAR: Pakistani troops backed by helicopter gunships Saturday (Saturday, 03 Apr, 2010) killed 30 militants and captured key heights in a tribal area after facing tough resistance in which six soldiers were killed, officials said.

Fighting erupted at several places in Orakzai district near the Afghan border, where security forces have been pressing a new offensive to flush out Taliban believed to have fled a major offensive in South Waziristan last year.

“Security forces have taken control of important heights around Bezoti area after encountering tough resistance,” a military statement said.

“During the operation 30 terrorists were killed and many got injured,” it said.

“Six security personnel embraced martyrdom while 10 got injured,” the statement said.

Earlier local administration and military officials said fighting erupted at several places and helicopter gunships pounded rebels positions in which a total of 22 militants were killed.

Major Fazlur Rehman, spokesman for the paramilitary Frontier Corps told AFP, that militants based in mountain hideouts attacked a military convoy between the towns of Goeen and Hindara and the gunbattle left at least 13 Taliban dead.

Local administration official Sajjad Ahmed, who also put the militant toll at 13 dead, said helicopter gunships pounded the rebels in the area. Six other militants wounded in the clash had been arrested, Ahmed told AFP.

Ground forces attacked militant hideouts in Otman Khel also and killed nine Taliban insurgents, Rehman said.

He later confirmed the overall toll had risen to 30 and that security forces had seized control of key heights in the area.

Eleven killed in gunbattle with police in Peshawar

Pakistani policemen stand alert during a funeral ceremony for fallen colleagues in Peshawar on April 3, 2010. – AFP

PESHAWAR: Eleven people including three policemen were killed Saturday (Saturday, 03 Apr, 2010) in a clash between police and criminals involved in kidnapping and robberies in northwest Pakistan, police said.

The gunbattle took place in Shiekhan village 10 kilometres (six miles) southwest of Peshawar when police raided a suspected criminals’ hideout, senior police officer Sher Akbar told AFP.

“We had reports that criminals involved in cases of robbery and kidnapping for ransom were hiding in the area,” he said adding that the police raid triggered a shoot-out in which “eight criminals were killed.”Three policemen also died in the firefight, he said.

Doctor Jamil Shah of a local hospital confirmed the death toll.

Courtesy : DawnNews, AFP, AP and Agencies.