Peace be Upon All. #Alertpak# has been returned in the web again. Inshallah…

Due to prolonged illness of this blogger you were not alerted by our part for last quarter of the 2011. In the new year of 2012, we have decided to run this blog jointly with our friends once again. We have started a new page in the  name “PAKISTAN DAILY TERROR DIGEST” , which will give you a current account of the Terror Trips by our Peace Loving Terrorist Brothers !

What may we do while Allah made them all insane !!!! This is maintained in this way.

List of Islamic Peace (Terror) Attacks in Pakistan on and from 01-01-2012.







2012.01.10 Pakistan Jamrud 35 69 Three dozen people waiting in line at a gas station are torn to pieces by Islamist bombers.
2012.01.09 Pakistan Dabori 10 0 The bodies of ten local troops, abducted during a Taliban raid, are found brutally beheaded.
2012.01.05 Pakistan Thal 16 0 Sixteen captured Pakistani troops are brutally tortured and executed by Tehrik-e-Taliban fundamentalists.
2012.01.04 Pakistan Bhittaiabad 1 0 A woman is strangled, shot and then burned to death by her brother-in-law on suspicion of immoral behavior.
2012.01.04 Pakistan Bara 1 1 Lashkar-i-Islam kill a defender in an assault on a village.
2012.01.04 Pakistan Warki 1 0 Islamic hardliners behead a former peace committee leader.
2012.01.04 Pakistan Mansehra 1 0 A ‘disloyal’ woman is honor killed by her husband for refusing to divorce.
2012.01.03 Pakistan Peshawar 2 19 A bomb planted on a motorcycle near an internet cafe leaves two dead.
2012.01.03 Pakistan Landi Kotal 3 7 Three people are left dead when Abdullah Azzam Brigade bombers target a market.
2012.01.03 Pakistan Shalkanabad 1 1 A married woman is shot to death by her father-in-law on a rumor that she was seen talking to another man.
2012.01.01 Pakistan Bajaur 1 3 Islamic bombers take out a 7-year-old boy.

See it in a minute. 

2 Responses to “Peace be Upon All. #Alertpak# has been returned in the web again. Inshallah…”

  1. mkdharMaloy K Dhar Says:

    Thank you for the painstaking efforts.

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