Alertpak……..just to alert about pakistani terrorism.



Just to Alert about Pakistani Terrorism.

We have no intention to establish Pakistan as a Terror State. Rather we want a terror free State in Pakistan. Unfortunately, for  the circumstantial hazards since its inception Pakistan had to promote some offender like activities. as might the controllers of this Great Nation have thought – OFFENCE IS THE BEST DEFENCE !! And that seed of  Offences germinated to produce the plant of  Millitancy which is now spread as a big tree of  Terrorism.

We denounce the Terrorism in any form : Religious, Political or Paradoxical.

We want the security and honour of all the minorities in Pakistan, who are now a definite and intolerable persecution.

We want a Modern Dynamic State in Pakistan of a New Age without meaningless anti-India Propaganda.

We strongly oppose a Military State in Pakistan  and a faithful civil society promoting real brotherhood of universal mankind.

Long Live Pakistan. We Pray always to Allah for this one. Inshallah !!

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2 Responses to “Alertpak……..just to alert about pakistani terrorism.”

  1. Sujit Das Says:

    Dear Sir

    I write article exposing Islam. Do ou want to publish them?

    Many of my articles are publshedon different websites.

    Best regards

    Sujit Das

    • alertpak Says:

      unfortunately, this blogger is now in a severe trouble and the alertpak blog is not being updated as an effect.

      it is our pleasure to receive your articles exposing islam.

      we have every scope to publish those in our blog which has a good trp.

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