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Taliban claim responsibility for Karak suicide attack

February 28, 2010

Officials visit a police station attacked by an alleged suicide bomber in Karak.—AP

MIRAMSHAH: The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility on Sunday for a suicide attack on a police station in Karak that killed 4 people including two policemen.

In addition to the dead, more than two dozen people were wounded, most of them police officers, when an attacker detonated a pick-up van on Saturday at the gate of the main police station in Karak.

“We have done this,” Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq told AFP by telephone from an undisclosed location.

“Both the police and army are equal for us. Both are our enemies. They are responsible for the cruelties on us. We will carry out more such attacks against police.”

Karak lies 150 kilometres (94 miles) southeast of Peshawar, the capital of North-West Frontier Province.

The Taliban have claimed and been blamed for most of the bomb and suicide attacks to have taken place in Pakistan. Such attacks have killed more than 3,000 people since July 2007.