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One killed and eleven injured in mine and improvised bomb blast in North West Pakistan

March 23, 2011

Militants in Pakistan’s northwest often target police and other law enforcement agencies. — Photo by Reuters

Bomb blasts kill one, wound 11 in northwest Pakistan

PESHAWAR: Mine and bomb attacks targeting police in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday (23/03/2011) killed one person and wounded 11, including nine officers, police said.

One person was killed in a landmine blast in the Adezai area of Peshawar on Wednesday.

Sources said the landmine was planted near Maryamzai area of Matni. The explosion killed one and injured another person.

In the first attack a donkey cart went over a mine buried by the roadside on the outskirts of Peshawar, police said.

“Both the donkey cart owner and donkey were killed. Basically the mine was planted to target police,” Kalam Khan, a senior police official, told AFP.

A Van was patrolling the Doabad area of Hangu when it was blown up by an IED. PHOTO: FILE

In the second incident a remote control bomb hit a police patrol pick-up, injuring 11, in the village of Darsamand, in Hangu district.

“Nine policemen and two passers-by were wounded in this bomb blast. Taliban militants are responsible for this attack,” Abdur Rashid Khan, district police chief told AFP by telephone.

Hangu lies 150 kilometres south of Peshawar and has a history of sectarian clashes between Pakistan’s majority Sunni Muslims and minority Shias.

The area borders the tribal regions of Kurram and Orakzai, where entrenched militants oppose jobs and education for women.

Militants in Pakistan’s northwest often target police and other law enforcement agencies and are engaged in a campaign of violence against security forces in the country.

The bombings have been blamed on terror networks linked to the Taliban and al Qaeda.

More than 4,000 have died in suicide and bomb attacks across Pakistan since 2007.

Courtesy : Dawn | The Express Tribune | AFP | Agencies.

Ex-minister is killed. So what? The Ministers in position will be killed further. Yes, this is Talibanization of Pakistan!! Glorify Islamization!!!

January 3, 2010

“It was a remote-controlled roadside bomb blast,” police spokesman Fazal Naeem told AFP by telephone. — Photo by Reuters

Former NWFP minister killed in roadside blast

Sun, 03 Jan, 2010 | Muharram 16, 1431

PESHAWAR: A roadside bomb attack targeted a former NWFP provincial cabinet minister on Sunday, killing him and three other people in the country’s northwest, police said.

The bomb exploded in Bagto village, about 10 kilometres from the northwestern town of Hangu.

“Four people, including Ghaniur Rehman (a former cabinet minister in North West Frontier Province) have died in the attack,” Hangu city police chief Abdul Rashid Khan told AFP.

“The other three are a bodyguard, his driver and a friend,” he added.

A doctor at the main hospital in Hangu confirmed Rehman and three other people were killed in the attack.

“It was a remote-controlled roadside bomb blast,” police spokesman Fazal Naeem told AFP by telephone.

Bagto village is close to Orakzai, one of the seven districts that make up the semi-autonomous tribal belt.

Courtesy: Dawn || Reuters.