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Pakistani Peace Mission to India

March 21, 2009


Pak soldier-turned-ultra sent to India for fomenting terror
Statesman News Service

Al Badar Terror from Pakistan caught in ticket queue in Kolkata

KOLKATA, March 19: Officers of Kolkata police’s Special Task Force (STF) arrested a former Pakistani soldier in Fairlie Place this afternoon on charges of attempting to sponsor terrorist activities in India. Police said 27-year-old Sahabaz Ismail, had links with Al Badar, a Pakistan-based terrorist outfit.
Sahabaz entered India from Bangladesh through the porous border in Murshidabad yesterday on a “specific assignment” that was handed to him by senior Al Badar members. He had planned to move to Jammu and Kashmir by train. He came to purchase a railway ticket at Fairlie Place today. Acting on a tip off from the Border Security Force (BSF) authorities, STF officers rounded him up near Fairlie Place around 3 p.m. today, said STF chief Mr Rajiv Kumar.
Sahabaz, who used to work as a ranger with the Pakistani border force had left his job last year and joined a terrorist organisation. “During questioning, he confessed that he came to India for sponsoring terrorist activities in this country. He flew to Dhaka from Pakistan a few days ago and entered India through the porous border in Murshidabad yesterday,” Mr Kumar said. According to him, Sahabaz, a resident of Sumali village in Dera Ghazi Khan district in Punjab province of Pakistan, joined the Pakistani border force in December, 2004. His father’s name is Mr Golam Farooq, a resident of Tehsa area in Pakistan. Sahabaz was posted at an outpost in Sialkot last year following completion of his training. He had graduated in Arts from a college in Pakistan in 2003, police said. After reaching Dhaka, he surrendered his Pakistani passport to Bangladesh police and then came to India without any valid travel documents.
“A cellphone with a Bangladeshi SIM card and some papers were seized from Sahabaz. He will be produced in the Bankshall court tomorrow,” Mr Kumar said, refusing to comment on whether Sahabaz was involved in any blasts triggered in India. “He came to India yesterday for the first time. We are interrogating him to know if he has contacts in the city. He came to Kolkata from Murshidabad by a train this afternoon,” he added.

Jehadi Militants’ safe sanctuaries in Pakistan :: A Sunni-Deobandi Group is the main source of Pak Terrorism

March 18, 2009


Military Supported Sunni-Deobanbdi Power Group is the Main Source of Pak Terrorism.

……………………… A Report of International Crisis Group, Belgium.

New Delhi, March 15, 2009 :: A very much powerful Sunni group of Deoband school is the main source and god father of all Pakistan based terrorist activities with in Pakistan and outside.
All the prime groups of action in the field of terrorist activities in Pakistan grossly rely upon the teachings of India’s Deoband based Dar-ul-uloom Deoband, an Islamic seminary over 100 years.

This Sunni-Deobandi Group had the history of the rise and rise from the eighties with the generous help and support of Pakistani Military force. Now the group is so powerful , they can control and influence the inner mechanism of Pakistan and even the international relationship of
Pakistan with India and Afghanistan including other foreign policies. This Group now operating from and outside Pakistan has the power to cast spell upon the Kashmir issue or various movements of the fanatic Islamist groups everywhere in the Indian sub-continent.

The above picture has been brought to light by a Belgian based research institute , the International Crisis Group in their latest paper on Pakistan. The report captioned as “PAKISTAN – The Militant Jehadi Challenge” says many a crisis over the democratic processes being experimented in Pakistan.

The Report also says that this rise of this Intellectual Group of Islamic Fanatics had their gradual growth record taking full support of the State under Military Regime and the situation on going. This Sunni-Deobandi Group has a close and intimate connection with the Talibanis and now they have spread their strong network beyond the territory of Pakistan. This Sunni group of Deobandi- Jehadis are operating many a numbers of communal conflicts, riots, separatism, explosions and genocides in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. This Sunni groups are the most challenges for the peace process in Punjab, North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Baluchistan. The matter of Terrorist Jehadi activities of this fanatic Sunni-Deobandi group in those provinces and the rate of persecution upon the minorities in Pakistan and the opposition to the Snnis has made Pakistan as an offender to the international community.

The experts on Bangladesh Affairs now reports that the recent mutiny in Bangladesh Rifles had a very evident connection and instigation from the ISI and Jehadi groups under same Sunni-Deobandi school to dismantle a democratic process won over there.

Source : PTI , India under Attack , Agencies.

Militants’ safe sanctuaries in Pak must be eliminated: US Gen

Washington, Mar 18 (PTI) The safe sanctuaries of the militants in the tribal areas of Pakistan must be eliminated to achieve stability and security in the region, a top US military officer based in Afghanistan has said.
“Unless there is a resolution of the militant sanctuaries that exist across the border in the tribal areas of Pakistan, it’s hard for me to envision a degree of stability and security in this region,” US Commander in Afghanistan General David McKiernan told PBS news channel in an interview.

“So, I think that’s why there’s a regional outlook here, there’s an Afghan-Pakistan approach to this insurgency,” he said.

When asked about talks with Taliban, he said the ISAF and the US military favour the idea that if an insurgent wants to lay down the weapon, supports the legitimate constitution of Afghanistan, then that probably is a legitimate reconciliation that should be led by the Afghan government.

Gen McKiernan said he is not sure if the US ever should thought that it would win this war. “This is the region that sprung al-Qaeda operatives that attacked our country in 2001. Al-Qaeda still exists in this region,” he said.

“If we don’t have a successful outcome in Pakistan and Afghanistan that will allow a terrorist organization like al-Qaeda to continue to have effects globally. That’s why we’re still here. As part of that, we are committed to achieving a level of security and stability in the country of Afghanistan,” he added. PTI