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Closure of mosques at night ordered in Pakistan. Days are ahead to close these permanently to save humanity.

December 21, 2009

After Swiss ban on Mosque Minarets, Pakistan  ordered closure of Mosque at night.

by Mijanur Rahaman.

For the Swiss Ban on Mosque Minarets, Pakistani religious groups condemned vehemently the referendum in Switzerland in the last month while the Swiss voters approved a ban on the construction of mosque minarets, labeling it ‘ as symbols of rising Muslim political power that could one day transform Switzerland into an Islamic nation.  Now on the thrust of  uncontrollable Islamic Terrorism, the Pakistan government on Sunday compelled to direct all local Ulemas to close mosques after Isha prayers to ensure no suspect Islamic terrorist stayed in them at night.

“The decision was conveyed to the Ulema by Interior Minister Rehman Malik after he took part in a rally in the federal capital on Sunday to promote religious harmony during Muharram.

Sources in security departments said the orders would specifically be implemented in Islamabad but it may be followed in other parts of the country by provincial governments.

When contacted, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Amir Ali Ahmed said Ulema had assured the government that they would keep mosques locked after Isha prayers and reopen them for Fajar prayers.

‘It is feared that suspects can hide in mosques at night and carry out their nefarious designs (terrorism activities) in the day time,’ the official said.

The possibility of any suspect staying in mosques at night has increased especially after the local administration decided to keep a close watch on the clients of hotels, inns and guest houses.

However, it is believed that the orders will not be followed in letter and spirit as such orders had also been issued in the past in the federal capital and some provinces but mosques remained opened at night.

The rally led by the interior minister was taken out at Constitution Avenue.

Speaking on the occasion, the minister called upon the Ulema to forge unity and promote religious harmony to foil any attempt of terrorists in the sensitive month.

Talking about the aftermath of the annulment of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) by the Supreme Court, the minister claimed that only 10 out of the over 8,000 cases withdrawn under the ordinance were against PPP leaders.

‘A total of 8,442 cases were withdrawn under the NRO and there were only 10 cases in which the accused belonged to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP),’ Mr Malik said.

He said the government respected the superior judiciary and would implement its verdict in letter and spirit.

To a question, he said Pakistan was taking part in the war on terrorism for its own sake and would achieve success in its efforts to root out militancy from its soil.”

In this dreadful year in Pakistan at least 380 innocent Pakistanis have been killed and 941 injured  in eight bloody incidents of terrorism across Pakistan, targeting mosques with the help of suicide bombers as well as explosive-laden vehicles.

After  the restriction imposed upon Mosque activities in Pakistan, the earlier Swiss ban is now considered justified in many quarters. Now it is proved that the terrorism is being nurtured and matured from the Mosques and Islamic seminaries in many places and these religious places are being used as an accessible hub of dangerous terrorist of Islamic faith. This inevitable restrictions upon Mosques may turn as an trend to check the Islamofascists operating from the Islamic institutions. Allah knows the future better !! Inshallah !!!

Courtesy : AFP, Dawn, APP, Rediffmail &  Agencies.