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No Human Rights, No N.G.O.s, Only Talibans, This is Swat.

March 24, 2009

Talibans have terrorized the N.G.O. and Human Rights activists to leave the Swat valley.

Human Right Activists, NGOs to leave Swat

The Taliban has told all NGOs working in the Swat Valley to pack their bags, saying their activities are un-Islamic. Even they declared to stop the Pulse Polio Programme in the valley as un-islamic.
In a recent broadcast on his illegal FM radio station, Taliban commander Maulana Fazlullah said: “All NGOs should leave Swat because they are creating problems for peace.”
Fazlullah has also described all Pakistanis working for NGOs as “enemies of the country”.
“They come and tell us how to make latrines in mosques and homes. I’m sure we can do it ourselves. There is no need for foreigners to tell us this,” Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said.
The Taliban are currently engaged in peace talks with the Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariah Muhammadi, a group of religious hardliners that signed a deal with the North West Frontier Province government to usher in peace in Swat.
Since the signing of the peace deal, the TNSM has set up Islamic courts in Swat and appointed Qazis to preside over them. The TNSM has also said lawyers and civil judges will have no role in the Islamic courts.
Muslim Khan told IRIN, a news network run by the UN, that “NGO is another name for vulgarity and obscenity. They don’t want us to remain Muslims and want to take away the veil from our women.”
Another spokesman of TNSM told the media that so far Islam is concerned the ultimate peace will come through the Shariah and there is no need of so called human rights. Islam ensures all the human rights. So all the fake human right activists have to leave the Swat valley immediately. Other wise they may face the fate of Musha Khan Khel, the journalist of Geo T.V. and human right activist, shot dead by the suspected talibanis in the last month.

pix courtesy : Asian News.